Website & UX Design
Handcraft user experience.
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Website & UX Design

Our design approach brings together user desirability, technical feasibility and business viability in perfect harmony. We do this by informing our process with research and an integrated team of researchers, designers, developers and product owners.

All our websites responsively as standard, as well as taking careful consideration for touch devices and retina displays. This means no matter the device, you can rest easy knowing your website will render and perform perfectly Ultimately, we deliver an elegant user-centered and goal-oriented solution.

Website Design
Bespoke Web Design

We craft functional, user-centred designs. Based on our scoping, we use wireframes, user stories and the existing branding to create thoughtful website design.

This functionality-driven design process ensures the aesthetic delivers the desired user experience from digital brand building through to conversion.

UX Design
Crafting Functional Beauty

Design beautiful experience for any audience is a challenge.Infobase achieves this challenge by taking the client through its proven process where the user experience meets the business goal.

Design is a leading feature in our practice, integrating the left and right brain across visual, service, interaction, content and motion

Interface Design
Proudly showing off

Digital concepts are evolving very quickly; new digital products are coming every day.High-quality Interface Design is part and parcel of digital product.We proudly craft beautiful UI which allows our clients to stand out from the crowd and thrive.

We work on digital interfaces with one eye on the user and the other on the developers. Our intended “beauty” is not only in terms of performance, it is also 100% technically compliant.