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Social media campaign

Social media has changed the way we use the web. Every day, millions of people worldwide are engaging in conversation, connecting with prospective and existing customers. It’s a digital world. Hyper-connectivity comes new technological ways to keep us socially human. Yet, with new social networks popping up left and right, it can be difficult enough to keep up. We are here to keeping you up in social media and manage this activity for a range of businesses from a small shop to corporate house, retail chain to online ecommerce company.

We're experts in social media and manage this activity for a range of businesses from a small shop to corporate house, retail chain to online ecommerce company.
Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Everyday its expanding its network. With over 1.49 billion monthly active users and over 900 million of those logging in every day, users spend an average 20 minutes per session on Facebook, 49 posts in every minute, what else we can say about the power of Facebook.

Build relationship with Facebook

Facebook is a platform that has consistently adapted to the marketplace and created new ways to connect with users. Facebook understands the ever-changing dynamic of the technology-driven world we live in.

As a business owner, you need to take full advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on such a large, engaged audience. Having a strong Facebook presence will allow you to connect with your loyal following, engage new prospects, and gain valuable feedback for future projects.

The network’s captive audience is one that you can’t afford to ignore. Infobase is here to help you with immersive and forward-thinking strategies to unfold the Facebook.

Our Facebook Marketing Services Include:
Google+ Marketing

Created by the worlds’ most popular search engine, Google+ is consistently growing and evolving. This social network not only helps you easily connect with your audience, but it can also help you gain valuable credibility through social signals and more. Google search rankings are of the utmost concern to businesses and marketers everywhere, so why not help your cause by building a presence on the search engine’s very own social media platform?

Our Google+ Marketing Services Include:
Twitter Marketing

As one of the most popular social networks, Twitter has become a great place for businesses to connect with current and prospective customers. Twitter has over 300 million active users that send around 500 million tweets per day, 72% of users more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter, so it’s safe to say that there’s a lot of marketing potential on this buzzing social network.

Our Twitter Marketing Services Include:
YouTube Marketing

With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month, YouTube has cemented its position as the top video sharing website in the world. Whether you have commercials, how-tos, “about us” videos, or slideshows, YouTube is prime real estate for getting your videos found. Since YouTube is owned by Google, videos are often displayed among its search results; and you’ll only maximize your visibility by investing in the optimization and marketing of your videos and YouTube channel.

What we do for you

We’ll create a YouTube channel that’s designed to closely match the look of your website. Titles and descriptions will be specially crafted around desirable keywords to aid in your video’s visibility.

At Infobase, we work with you to help ensure your productions appear more prominently in YouTube search results.